Post Graduate Diploma


Entry Requirements

An applicant with the following qualifications may be admitted for the Postgraduate Diploma Programme:

  1. A Bachelors’ Degree (Special/General/Combined) in any discipline obtained from a university or any other higher educational institute recognized by the UGC;
  2. OR
  3. A person may be admitted as a student to follow the Postgraduate Diploma Programme if he/she has obtained special qualifications for direct admission to the Postgraduate Diploma Programme which the relevant Board of Study of the PGIHS has accepted as suitable for the applicant’s proposed field of study.
  4. AND
  5. Any other eligibility requirement(s) determined by the PGIHS as specified by the relevant study programme in a Board of Study.

Qualification Requirements

  1. Completion of twenty (20) credits from the courses prescribed by the relevant Board of Study

Minimum Requirements


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