Registration, Maintenance of Registration and Re-Admission

Duration of Study Programmes

The minimum and the maximum time limits of any diploma/degree programme are as stipulated in Rules and Regulations of Postgraduatre Degree Programmes (see pages 2-5). If no extensions are granted, students shall complete their diploma/ degree programmes within the stipulated time period.

Pending Registration

Candidates who applied with provisional certificates or pending results shall be given a pending registration provided that the final certificate/s will be submitted to AR/PGIHS before the commencement of the degree programme. Failing to do so is considered as a withdrawal of his/her pending registration to the degree programme.

Concurrent Registration

Concurrent registration for more than one degree programmes of the University and different universities and different degree programme in the University or different universities is not allowed. If found guilty, the registration will immediately be terminated.

Maintenance of Registration

All students in postgraduate programmes must re-register once a year to keep their programme active by paying relevant fees. The renewal of registration should be done before the expiry of the active registration. Students who failed do so will be considered to have withdrawn from the programme.


If a student who failed to maintain his/her registration and therefore was considered as withdrawn from the programme intends to resume work on the programme, he/she must apply for re-admission in terms of the regulations in force at the time of the re-application. If a student is recommended for re-admission he/she is required to pay relevant readmission fees and other prescribed fees and follow conditions attached to the re-admission.