Examination of Subjects / Courseworks

Scheme of Assessment

Postgraduate diploma/degree programmes may have compulsory and/or optional courses. The assessment of student performance in each subject/course will be based on the following scheme: 40% for tutorials/term papers/assignments in–class examinations, etc. and 60% for Final Examination. As stipulated in the rules and regulations, marks allocation between continuous assessment and the final examination in some degree programmes may be different from the above.

A student is required to obtain at least 50% of marks allocated for both continuous assessments and final examination to pass the relevant subject. Any student who obtains less than 50% of marks for each component of a course shall be required to repeat the course/subject.

Continuous Assessments

The Lecturer-in-Charge / Course Coordinator may have right to determine the number of tutorials and assignments in a course/subject. Students are required to submit assignments/tutorials and other relevant material to the Lecturer-in-Charge/ Course Coordinator on/before the deadline given to submit such materials. The non-submission of materials of continuous assessment will lead to receive a fail grade to the course/subject.

Final Examination

Final examination of a course will be held at the end of an academic term/semester. Students shall have 80% attendance to qualify to sit for the final examination of each course.

Number of Attempts

The maximum number of attempts that a student takes in an examination in any course/courses is three. If the candidate fail a course/courses in all three attempts, he/she will be considered as failed the diploma/degree programme and his/her candidature will be terminated.