Examination of Research Component

Evaluation of Research Component

All research students should complete a thesis based on an independent research, in addition to the completion of relevant courses of the degree programme, if any. The examination of the research component will also be subject to Examination Procedure, Offences and Punishments of the University.

The thesis will be evaluated by two thesis examiners. A candidate is required to pass an oral examination (viva-voce examination) of his/her thesis, in which the candidate presents his/her work within 20 minutes. At the viva voce examination, the candidate should be able to convince the Board of Examiners the importance of the research, methodology, findings, originality and his/her contribution to the subject knowledge.

Number of Attempts

The maximum number of attempts a candidate faces the viva-voce examination is two.

Failure in Research Component

A candidate is considered to be failed the thesis if his/her thesis is rejected by the Board of Examiners or he/she failed to satisfy the Board of Examiners twice. In such case, the candidature will be terminated and copies of the thesis submitted become the property of the University.

Effective Date of Diploma and Degree Programmes

The effective date of the award of a postgraduate diploma/degree shall be the date on which all the requirements of the degree/diploma programme specified by the regulations relevant to the study programme are completed.