Amendmends, Withdrawal And Termination Of Registrations

Amendments to Personal Information

Students should inform the Institute any changes in their personal information given in the initial application, immediately. Students are not allowed to change the personal information such as name after the final examination of the degree programme.

Withdrawal / Cancellation

Any student may request the withdrawal/cancellation of his/her registration at any time using the prescribed form in which reasons for the cancellation and effective date of cancellation be given. The request for the cancellation shall be approved by the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee/the relevant BoS. If, after the withdrawal/cancellation of registration, a graduate student wishes to reapply for admission, his/her application will be considered in the current competition for places along with other applicants.


The Institute reserves the right to terminate the registration of a graduate student at any time upon the recommendation of the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee/the relevant BoS. The reasons for the termination may be failure to meet registration requirements, providing false information in the application form, expiry of prgramme time limit, failure to pay prescribed fees timely, failure to maintain adequate academic standing, violation of rules and regulations of the University that leads to the termination of candidature, etc.

Admission as a New Student

If the candidature is terminated due to lapse of registration, expiry of programme time limit, failure to pay prescribed fees timely he/she may request the admission to the programme as a new student. The Institution reserves the right to determine the granting of admission as a new student, conditions attached to new admission, etc.