Admission and Registration


The selection of postgraduate students to follow PG Dip, MA, MDP, MPhil, PhD and DLitt programmes from among eligible candidates will be determined on merit basis by the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee/the relevant Board of Study. A written selection test or an interview, depending on the requirement, may be conducted to choose students from among the shortlisted candidates. Every application for enrollment will be assed in terms of the postgraduate programme regulations in force at the time of the application.

The applicant shall bear the responsibility of the authenticity of information provided in the Application Form and the supporting documents. The Institute reserves the right to reject any application if information provided are found to be wrong, misrepresent and unverified. A person who has submitted a duly completed application will be informed whether or not he/she is selected to the diploma/ degree programme applied.


Selected candidates will be requested to register for the respective degree programme by paying registration and other relevant fees. Once registered, students receive the information of their registration. The information will include a registration number, programme of study, academic calendar and requirements to pass the relevant diploma / degree programme. All registered students will receive a Student Identity Card. Students should produce their identity cards upon the request by University authorities to verify the student status. A student shall refer his/her registration number in all correspondence with the Institute/University

The validity of registration begins from the date of the acceptance his/her application for the degree programme for a normal student and the date that the Faculty Higher Degree Committee/the relevant BoS accepted the application under special qualifications and for special/exchange student. The date of registration for Doctor of Philosophy students is the date of the acceptance of his/her synopsis by the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee/the relevant BoS.